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Palmerston North's podiatry specialists

City Podiatrist, Mr Keith Aitken is a very experienced Podiatric Surgeon, Diabetes, and Specialist Podiatrist who has a clinical suite at City Doctors, 22 Victoria Avenue, Palmerston North. Keith has worked privately in Palmerston North since 1979 when he qualified. He has also worked since 1979 as a Consultant Specialist Podiatrist in Diabetes at Palmerston North Hospital until recently. He is now working solely in private practice. 
Keith is a recent past member of the NZ Podiatrists Board.

Keith also qualified as a NZ Podiatric Surgeon in 1995 & provides a complete advanced podiatric clinical service and advanced clinical diabetes practice. Keith can also perform advanced lower limb circulation screening for those patients with lower limb circulation problems using the latest Doppler Machine.

However, he does perform general podiatry treating corns & callus, in grown toe nails, verrucae sugery and also foot pain relief treatment.

3D Scans
If you have a bio-mechanical problem, in other words if you have foot pain that can be treated by structurally altering your foot this will be examined,  assessed, and treated with the correct prescription orthotic using the latest digital 3D scanning equipment and the specialist orthotic laboratory in NZ. If there is a foot problem that cannot be treated with orthotics then Mr Aitken is able to arrange for more complex surgical procedures.

He also has advanced Diabetes clinical training and is able to use specialist treatment when treating diabetes foot complications. X-rays, diagnostic Ultrasound, Magnetic Resonance imaging are able to be ordered if needed. Neurological assessments for foot conditions are also available to diagnose neurological foot conditions. Mr Aitken can also diagnose and treat children's foot abnormalities and analyse their gait.

When it comes to health, so many people overlook the potential issues with their feet. Your feet are actually really important when it comes to health. All kinds of conditions such as backache, bad posture, nerve problems and restricted blood flow can cause or be made worse with poor foot health.

Put your feet in the right hands with us today! We are podiatry foot specialists, and we have been working in the field of podiatry for close to 40 years. Call us today and take a step in the right direction!
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Get back on your feet today

Experiencing back or leg pain? Chances are there’s something amiss with your feet. Pain is your body telling you that something is definitely wrong. We offer a huge range of services and products to ensure you get back on your feet as soon as possible. 

Reliable, dependable, friendly and affordable, we provide you with the means and expertise to sort out all your foot troubles. Call us today! 

We specialise in providing relief and support. If you have recently suffered a foot injury, hurt yourself at work or feel the general symptoms of wear and tear in your feet, give us a call. This is a wise investment in the health of your feet and health and body. Our motto is: Good Feet, Good Health, Good Life.

Your foot injury will be covered by ACC and Keith Aitken can prescribe the necessary treatment or orthotics under ACC cover now without referral to any other medical specialist. This is a new contract as from 01 July2017 that has just been issued by ACC. The orthotic is FREE to the patient and can be very easily and quickly issued to the ACC patient.
Anyone who has had a foot or ankle injury in the last 12 months and who needs rehabilitation to treat resultant and lingering pain, increase mobility and activity levels, reduce injury causing foot deformity or to return to work or normal daily activities can be treated under the Podiatry ACC contract.

Only the best available materials from NZ's leading Orthotic Laboratory combined with the latest digital 3D scanning equipment and techniques and orthotic milling equipment give ACC patients needing orthotics the most up to date best treatment available.

According to research in The American College of Foot and Ankle Orthopaedics and Medicine, orthotics are indicated and essential in Posterior Tibial Dysfunction, Hallux Limitus, Plantar Fasciitis, Sinus Tarsi Syndrome, Metatarsalgia.
Orthotics are also useful in foot strains and sprains, foot/stress fractures, repetitive stress injuries and management of Tendo-achilles ruptures and other tendon ruptures in the foot and ankle and injuries associated with long hours of standing on hard surfaces such as concrete. 
Foot orthoses are useful in lower limb deformity, sesamoiditis and tarsal tunnel conditions secondary to an injury, pre and post operative rehabilitation for lower limb injuries.
Foot orthoses are an adjunctive treatment when treating Mortons Neuroma secondary to injury.
You (the patient) does not need a referral from a General Practitioner to see Keith Aitken but if you would rather have a referral from your GP to see Keith Aitken then please do.

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Podiatric surgeon

Whether you're just in need of a little help or require intensive surgery, we can help. Keith and his expert team will strive to provide you with friendly and expert podiatry services, so that you feel better in no time. We offer a wide range of different services for you and the whole family. See our services page for more information.
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Call today

Got pain in your feet, back or legs? You might be suffering from a series of different podiatric conditions. We will seek to diagnose, repair and protect your feet, all within the comfort of our relaxing office in Palmerston North. To book a session, just give us a call! 
Call today on 063553300 & dial 0 to talk to the receptionist and make an appointment
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